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Teddy BearTeddy Bear
What better way to express a sentiment than with a teddy bear. Teddy bears make perfect birthday gifts, get well gifts, baby gifts, Valentines Day gifts, Easter gifts, Secretary's Day gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Graduation gifts, Sweetest Day gifts, Christmas gifts or personalized gifts for any occasion.
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Anniversaries, birthdays and holidays are special occasions, but they're not the only times when giving a gift brightens the day. Celebrating a long friendship or shared accomplishment can renew and strengthen relationships with friends and family.

Chocolate Dipped StrawberryGifts for All occasions - make a lasting impression with elegantly crafted Godiva chocolates.

Add a personalized ribbon sets that goes the extra mile, tastefully communicating your commitment, appreciation and sentiment.
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Ross-Simons.comNo matter if you are shopping for yourself or someone else, find at Ross Simons the gifts for any occasion.

From bridal shower and wedding gifts to baby shower gifts to Mother's Day presents, our collectibles boutique offers items that are destined to be future heirlooms.
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Find answers to your gift questions
Q: What is the best personalized Baby Gift you have bought?
A: This little stepping stool can have the child's name printed and cut out into puzzle pieces! Your choice of wood! I bought this for my cousins birthday and she loved it!

Q: Any ideas for a personalized wedding gift?
A: what i did for my firends wedding was gathered all her photos, fromt he engagemnet, rehersals, wedding and honey moon (with her help of course) and layed them out ina book for her, the magazine style ones that you can get a kodak, very affordable and very personal. She will have so many gifts to open most likely she would really appreicate getting something later after all the gifts are gone.

Q: Memorable, Personalized Halloween Party Gifts/Souvenirs?
A: You can start them of with a photo album, in it you can put past Halloween party photos and have a group shot and either print them a copy or send it out to print at a walmart or target or a Walgreen's in an hour, before everyone goes home...How about a canvas bag with those plastic slip on picture holder on the bag and put some scary pictures and also past party pictures and in the bag put some Halloween treats...

Q: Corporate gift idea?
A: A gift card to walmart, target, jewel, mejier. Maybe the discover gift card. It can be used almost everywhere. How about a personalized keepsake wine bottle. Discount Coupons/ vouchers. Table top accessories- like a lampshade, small clock, etc

Q: Have you ever received or given holiday cards from a business of any size?
A: yes, we are a family owned and operated general contractor and we send out about 50 cards a year to recent clients and associates. I hand-write and address every single one too--for the more personal family touch. We get cards back too! Tis the season! Be grateful, sincerely appreciate, and care about those who keep your small business running.

A: My business ALWAYS uses It has everything in that area, and you can buy so much more for your money. If you buy the business cards (just a thought), be sure to buy the glossy ones, as they are VERY attractive. I've used this company since they opened business, years ago, and have always been thrilled with product and prices. Also try The Gallery Collection.

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