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Gift Wrapping

Gift wrap idea: big bags with folded cards
WRAPPING WITH PAPER bags is an easy way to pack holiday gifts--especially odd-shaped ones. But finding a good way to keep the bags shut can provide a challenge for any gift-wrapper.
Gift Wrapping Ideas
If you're tired of your gifts looking like everyone else's, put some creative thought to it. Gifts don't have to just be paper and ribbon that you bought at the store. Let some of these ideas inspire you.
Homemade gift wrap: O come let us adorn them
The wrapping on the package can be as heartfelt as the gift inside -- if you make it yourself. Using inexpensive tissue papers, sheets of gauzy rice papers and small strips of beautiful ribbons and metallic cords as adornment, you can make your holiday packages extra special.
Personalized wraps for Santa's pack - gift wraps
UTILITARIAN WHITE boxes are hardly glamorous wrapping materials, but try thinking of them as blank canvases for artful holiday collages. With color, glued-on material, handwritten messages--and imagination--you can transform them into personalized packages for gifts
Make your own African-inspired wrappings for holiday gifts
Even a modest gift takes on the cachet of a precious jewel when presented with imagination. Although a vast assortment of beautiful paper and ribbon exists, there is little holiday wrapping that reflects our culture.
In Japan, it's the wrap that counts - gift wrapping
TO THE JAPANESE, GIFT wrapping, or origata, embodies the art of gentle concealment. The wrapping is almost as important as the gift itself, not a last-minute, slap-dash job with an odd end of commercial wrapping paper that's an inch shy of meeting in the back.
Keepsake Wraps - gift wraps that double as presents
These gift-wrapping ideas send extra greetings of joy--the package is part of the present.
Bags, boxes, bottles: easy is the key
Gift bags are making inroads onto turf once owned by gift boxes, at the same time that pouches are making inroads on turf once owned by folding cartons. The gift bags are turning assortments of foodstuffs into goody-bags of gifts.
Best Wrapping - Best of the West
Each year, tons of gift wrap go to landfills after the holidays are over. Here are six easy ways to cut down on waste.
Custom-made sacks to hold gift bottles of wine
A bottle of wine is a common thank you from guest to host, but to make this gift more memorable, you can dress the bottle in one of these easy-to-make stenciled fabric sacks.
Wrapping with your heart
The heart is a symbol of love and friendship. Heart images can be used on gifts for many occasions - for Mother's Day, for Valentine's Day. Hearts can be very decorative or simple, symmetrical or more stylized.
Sweet Surprise
Give an exotic look to your gift-wrapping by using metallic-effect boxes and paper, vibrant silk tassels, handmade candy wrapper tags and Indian style decorations. These unique gifts are irresistible!
Novelty Gift Wrapping
The bright and jazzy looks of the gifts will appeal to the children and adults. Candy is one of the main themes - it makes a great gift on its own, can be used as extra decoration, and a hard-candy shape makes a fun gift tag. Try to think up fun ways of wrapping the gift itself.
Pleated Wrapping Technique
Pleating is a very versatile and simple technique. Sections of pleated paper make wonderful gift wrapping. Use fairly thin paper that can be folded easily. Vary the widths of the pleats and the width of the paper for difrerent effects.
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